Supporting, consulting and assisting of insured and injured in road traffic accidents.
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Required documents for claiming a compensation

From the police:
•    Written statement about the accident: this statement must be draw when there are injured or dead people
•    Police investigator’s contact details (name, telephone, etc.) who handling the investigation or who had drew the written statement

From the Hospital
•    Emergency’s slip and epicrises
•    Invoice for treatment
•    X-ray photographs
•    Recipes
•    Examinations’ documents
•    In a death case-autopsy’s protocol and a death message

Financial documents:
•    Medical goods’ invoices
•    Rehabilitation’s invoices and/or contracts
•    Other medical products’ invoices
•    Funeral’s invoices

From the Municipality:
•    Death certificate
•    Heirs certificate

From the court:
•    An effective sentence or judgment against the guilty driver

From the prosecution:
• Auto and technical expertise developed in the pretrial proceeding
• Forensic report prepared in the pretrial proceeding
• Sketches of the accident
• Protocol to the crime scene
• Protocol of the accused of the guilty driver
• Decree of termination of the criminal proceedings


Association in defence in RTAs’

  • Your advisor and assistant in case of insurance event

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