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Health insurance

With the contract of health insurance should be paid:

- medical expenses or fixed amounts for diagnosis and treatment resulting from an accident or illness or from certain types of accident or illness;
- for single or periodic fixed amounts for a specified period or for life, in disability caused by an accident or disease, or certain types of accident or illness

The Health insurance does not cover chronic illnesses and diseases arising prior to its conclusion, unless otherwise agreed with the insurer. The insurance is concluded with persons aged between 18 and 55 years (exceptions are allowed in most insurance companies). The insurance period is from 1 to 25 years depending on the program and the person's age.

The Amount of the insurance premium depends on the insurance amount and the risk class of the profession of the insured person. The risk class may be first, second, third or special, and is determined by officially approved classificator for the types of the activities and productions. The Insurance can be concluded with one person or all members of the family.


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