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International cargo insurance clauses

Cargo insurance are unified under the original terms of London, called "Institute Cargo Clauses. They are internationally accepted and uniform worldwide. All insurance companies in Bulgaria use them as original ones, or translated. The three types of clauses A, B and C are different depending on the type of coverage.

The first clause provides full coverage, clause "B" - limited coverage and clause and the "C" - minimum coverage. Clause A covers all risks of loss or damage to the insured cargo during transport except the risk of war, political unrest, strikes, riots, bankrupt of the insured, bankruptcy, exchange differences in the value of goods on the market, intentional act or omission of the insured, and damage caused by inadequate or inappropriate packaging or unsuitability of the vehicle.

To the covered risks are join the fire, explosion, accident, natural disaster, theft, the last mentioned risk in our country excludes the stealing of the whole vehicle. Clause B covers fire, natural disasters, earthquakes, wetting of the cargo, entering of  wet and river water in the hold or container, partial or complete loss of a package of goods. Clause C is specialized and only covers fire, explosion, accident and total loss.

The clause “C” insures goods in bulk. Depending on whether the transportation of cargo goods will be through the territory of Bulgaria or outside the territory of Bulgaria, most of the insurance companies offer two types of insurance policies with different conditions. The tariff for cargo insurance depends on the product from its packaging (carton, bales, bags, bulk), the type of transport (truck, airplane, boat, etc.), the destination (country from which and to which travel) and the coverage of the listed clauses.

Documents needed for the insurance

At the conclusion of insurance is necessary to submit an invoice for the cost of cargo, consignment note and completed proposal or application. When an insured event occurred is necessary  to submit the original of the policy, report  of the emergency commissioner, statement of findings , protest letter to the carrier, packing list and specification of the load, if there are once, etc


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