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Association in defence of insured and injured in road accidents

Association in defence of insured and injured in road accidents is the first of its kind in Bulgaria and was established in 2005. Since then we are taking many actions and annual campaigns on preventing road accidents and road safety.  Since 2006 every year we have an annual campaign called “ZEBRA” which aims to raise awareness of drivers and pedestrians near pedestrian footpaths. Particular attention is paid to the extremely neglected footpaths near schools and kindergartens.

In 2009 we have started video campaign against drink and drive which has been held in the schools all over the country.

In 2010 the association in defence of insured and injured in road accidents have started campaign aimed to prevent road accidents with teenagers and young people. As part of the campaign was a contest for photo, video, song and essay on the topic. In this year  the association together with the Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment and Emergency Medicine /MHATEM/ "N.I.Pirogov" we have opened national, free of charge, 24/7 phone number for medical and legal advice for road accidents’ victims.
In 2011 we held a national campaign “Seatbelts save lives”.

In 2012 the Association in defence of insured and injured in road accidents launched where everyone can study and play.  We believe that the first step on road safety should be in school, in road safety classes where young drivers must be prepared. In the spirit of new technologies and lifestyle that lead youngsters we created a 3D platform - , where each user can completely free of charge to acquaint himself with real traffic situations. The platform is the first ever with 3D vision animated interactive form of training. Like playing a game, users could learn the traffic rules, and to prepare for the theoretical exam.

In the beginning of 2013 Project: SOS Road accident! SOS Road accident! is trying to funding people and their relatives who have been injured in road accidents. Funding is determined for each individual case, depending on the severity of the accident and the condition of the victims. It should be used for recovering or hospitalization. The grant also supports procedures that are not covered by the National Health Insurance Fund. Uninsured persons could be fund too. Financial assistance may be used for funeral services.

Every Tuesday we have opened a reception in our head quarter in Sofia. Anyone who has been in road accident can get free legal and medical advice. Also at the reception we organize round tables with road accident victims who tell their story and in what they have passed after the accident. During the reception, people can learn more about the activities and campaigns of the Association. Anyone who wants can join the Association and participate in our activities on road safety. Also during the reception time we present various materials, videos, presentations, websites and other educational information. 


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